Beethoven Reflected III – The Esposito Quartet

Beethoven Reflected III – The Esposito Quartet

Beethoven Reflected III - The Esposito Quartet


Triskel Christchurch

Tobin Street


Sat 7 March 2020 - 1:10 pm


€16 (General Admission) | €13 (Concessions) | €12 (COS members)

For the final concert of the series, Donnacha Dennehy presents a new companion piece for Beethoven’s last and most reflective quartet, his F major quartet Op.135. ‘The pieces in this concert reflect upon each other, their makers or the myths around the music. Janacek’s first string quartet, “Kreutzer Sonata”, not only relates to Beethoven’s sonata for violin and piano of the same name but also to Tolstoy’s novella in which the Beethoven piece features dramatically. Buy tickets for Cork Orchestral Society

It’s a response to a kind of myth that’s built up around Beethoven – Beethoven the romantic hero. But Beethoven was not just that of course. Many think of his final complete quartet, Op. 135, as the most Haydn-esque of his late period. It hearkens back to the wit of his teacher, probably the leading writer of string quartets before Beethoven himself. I love the joy and the playful pushing of form in this quartet, where wrong turns work like viruses in the music. The quartet flies in the face of any kind of grand narrative for Beethoven’s final works. I like that it throws a spanner in the works. My short quartet, “Wig”, builds off some of the wrong turns in the 2nd movt. of Op. 135.’ – Donnacha Dennehy


Janáček: Quartet No.1 The Kreutzer Sonata
Donnacha Dennehy: ‘Wig’
Beethoven: String Quartet in F major, Op.135 [1826]

Mia Cooper, violin
Anna Cashell, violin
Joachim Roewer, viola
William Butt, cello


€16 (General Admission) | €13 (Concessions) | €12 (COS members) 

Buy tickets for Cork Orchestral Society

The Esposito Quartet comprises four of our most distinguished musicians with a combined wealth of experience as recital artists, orchestral leaders and teachers, who have been playing as a quartet since 2010. The Esposito Quartet have enjoyed a 2018-19 residency at Dublin’s Kaleidoscope Night where they recently collaborated with the South African violist and overtone singer Gareth Lubbe. The Quartet’s name honours Michele Esposito, pianist and composer, who for forty years from 1888 was the initiator for much of the chamber music making in Dublin through the establishment of The Royal Dublin Society concert series.